The Tesla Model S still looks good, even nearly a decade after launch, but its design is beginning to show its age.

From Tesla News the Tesla Model S was launched in 2012 and it was an innovative and ahead of its time electric car. This electric car EV provided revolutionary range and performance in a sensual sedan car.

After 8 years Tesla Model S in fact has aged; it aged well of course, but it’s about time for the next generation. Tesla always tweaked the right spots to keep the Tesla Model S fresh, but the general shape is still the same since its launch.



The latest car news, this next generation Tesla Model S rendering could give an insight on how the new Tesla Model S model will look like. It has an Aston Martin Rapide feel to it but you can still recognise the Tesla Model S character in it. It is a sharper and more modernized design.

What To Ride thinks it is hard to predict what Tesla future designs will be; however this is indeed a pretty good and convincing rendering for the Tesla Model S.