In the latest car news, Nissan revealed the newest Nissan Z family member; the Nissan Z400, which will be the new generation Nissan Z sports car. Although the Nissan 400Z is a prototype, it demonstrates the persistence of Nissan in continuing its Z legacy. The new Nissan 400Z is not an upgrade from its previous model the Nissan 370Z, but a completely new sport car including exterior and interior design. The mechanics of this new car features a V6 twin turbocharged engine and (you guessed it!) a manual transmission.



Although this is a new Nissan Z model; the Z DNA has been maintained and respects its 50 year heritage. The Nissan sports car has fans young and old keen to see this Piece of Art.



Nissan Z400 Design:

The new Nissan 400Z model is inspired by tradition. However, it also boasts a fresh design with sexy exterior styling. It’s combined the best car features of all previous Nissan Z models in one. Nissan designers made sure to analyse the success of each and every previous Z model and merge those car features into the new Nissan 400Z; like travelling through time from one model to another.



Starting from the front of the new sport car, you can see the shape of the lights and hood which resemble the original Nissan 240ZG model in the 70s. The shape of the Nissan Z400 body from the front to back embodies the Z’s unique posture. Looking at the rear of the new sports car you are reminded directly of the legendary Nissan 300ZX with a modern era twist.



Nissan Z400 Interior

The interior of the Nissan has all the modern car technology with antique Z hints. It demonstrates the feel of the ultimate sports car with a 12.3-inch screen and tech found in the steering wheel to give the driver full control over the features of this new car.



Nissan 400Z Sport Car Performance:

The Nissan Z Proto brings joy and excitement to the new car buyer with its dynamic performance giving the driver a feeling of connectedness to the car.

Each new generation has had a more powerful engine, although the Nissan Z is about more than just power increase.



What To Ride is for sure impressed with the next generation Nissan Z. We also foresee that Nissan fans will get a kick out of driving this respected beauty. The new Nissan Z is determined to give the driver the pleasure of a pure sports car.