In latest car news the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross was released recently, and has received a facelift for the first time in 3 years. The small SUV is now also available in a PHEV variant.

The New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross swanks a refreshed design on the inside and has improved its exterior car appearance with more emphasises on the sporty SUV look. Mitsubishi continues its Dynamic Shield front design and the sleek look continues all the way to the rear giving the small SUV an air of sophistication as well. This new design also improves rear visibility.



The interior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has been enhanced to give the athletic appeal with added comfort. The door trims are imbedded with the small SUV seat colour which boasts a high quality feel. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has an 8-inch screen with SDA system as standard across the range. Mitsubishi changed the position of the screen to make it closer to the driver with knobs. It has also substituted the touchpad with more storage space (let’s face it, why did we need the touchpad in the first place?!).



We are used to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV; the electric hybrid SUV, but now Mitsubishi are adding the Eclipse Cross to the PHEV family optimizing energy efficiency and offering a smoother driving experience. The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will have the same electric powertrain used in the Outlander; twin-motor 4WD PHEV system, with some improvements to fit the smaller size of the Mitsubishi SUV.



The same petrol engine will be carried from the current model to the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This small SUV will have 1.5L four cylinder turbocharged engine. This engine provides high power and reduces the fuel consumption all thanks to the turbo mated with an eight speed CVT. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross AWD will have the innovative S-AWC system which provides stability and driving confidence to conquer different terrains.



What To Ride doesn’t have the pricing for the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross yet, but we expect it to be released in early November. Get excited fellow enthusiasts!