In Mercedes latest car news the new luxury sedan Mercedes S-Class has been released. This legendary car model is the icon of indulgence in the luxury car market. The new Mercedes S-Class got a redesign and technological upgrade which will stir all your senses.



This new luxury sedan offers insane safety technology and driving assistance. While sitting in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class you feel that this luxurious car is catered to both driver and passenger due to its innovative car features.



Mercedes introduced its second generation MBUX in the New Mercedes sedan. Being in the S Class, you almost feel like you’re travelling in a spaceship, just gliding across the galaxies with its five screens on board surrounding the driver and passengers.



Mercedes Benz implemented learning Artificial Intelligence into the control panel which recognises the needs of the occupants. It is more like a psychologist than a car as it analyses the occupants’ movements and body language in order to react accordingly and alter the cars functions. The all new Mercedes S Class systems, including the new MBUX, has the capacity to upgrade its own software wirelessly; which saves S Class owners time in visiting Mercedes dealerships to upgrade their systems.



The Mercedes S-Class is a large car which may trick you into thinking it’s too hard to drive in narrow streets! Well, you couldn’t be more wrong as the new S-Class has optional rear steering to help it manoeuvre in constricted city streets or while parking in tighter spaces.



Mercedes-Benz couples luxury with car safety. In fact, this S-Class car takes safety to another level. For example, E-active Body Control raises the car body in milli-seconds to reduce the power of an accident on the occupants by directing the impact towards its strongest and most resistant part of the car.



In addition, the new Mercedes S Class includes these driving assistance features:

-  Warning when recognizing a road works symbol

-  Warning when pedestrians detected on the roadside

-  Traffic lights alert

-  Stop signs or no-entry signs alert

-  Guide lines provided to help navigate the road surface on narrow lanes.



Soon, Mercedes-Benz will introduce its smart DRIVE PILOT system which will allow the Mercedes S Class to operate in an automated mode in a traffic jam or on highways.

This Mercedes luxury sedan has 31 speakers using the Burmester 4D surround sound system, which will make you feel more like you are in a club not in a car.



The Mercedes S-Class not only boasts car safety and fun but it is also a comfortable ride. The front passenger has the use of 19 motors to adjust the car seat and it also provides a five-star massage with 10 different programs and ventilation for the occupant!

The Mercedes Benz S Class has a rich history starting from the 116 series in 1972 and continues to build on its legacy of being one of the most luxurious cars in the world. Mercedes S-Class also has the highest loyalty rate; up to 80 percent of S-Class owners will buy the new S-Class model when released. This vehicle is the bestselling luxury sedan in the world.



Mercedes Benz S Class Interior:

The interior of this sleek sedan screams ‘lavish’, with a feel-good ambience. Mercedes made sure to provide an elegant yet comfortable cabin with lower noise inside.



Most homes nowadays have smart features, so Mercedes-Benz made sure to integrate the luxury car into the owners’ home with the MBUX Smart Home function. The Mercedes S-Class can control home features whilst on the road, providing the upmost convenience and comfort between house and car. Cold outside? No worries, heater will welcome you home!



You also don’t have to burden yourself about parking this large sedan. Using your smartphone, you can park and un-park the Mercedes S-Class with remote parking assist.



To add to the comfort and luxury of the S-Class, Mercedes included an innovative suspension system to make the car more manoeuvrable and dynamic with rear steering.



Mercedes Benz S Class Exterior Design:


Mercedes never disappoints us with their new designs, especially for its flagship Mercedes S-Class. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes in both short wheelbase and long wheelbase. This luxury sedan car has a dynamic appearance from the front and rear which reflects the high quality of Mercedes.



Mercedes-Benz S-Class Engine and Power:

The new Mercedes S-Class will be available as a 6 cylinder in-line petrol engine or a 6 cylinder in-line diesel engine providing power from 210kW up to 320 kW in different model variants: Mercedes S450 4MATIC, S500 4MATIC, S350d, S350d 4MATIC and S400 d 4MATIC are all coupled with a 9G-TRONIC transmission.



Mercedes S-Class will have the V8 engine engaged with a 48-volt electric system delivering more power. The final powertrain will be the Hybrid version for this car with a range of up to 100km.



The Mercedes S-Class is the centrepiece of this extravagant brand, and this new sedan is the epitome of 135 years of brilliance that continues the Mercedes-Benz legacy in innovation and elegance.