Latest car news Hyundai has released the new look for its large SUV; the Santa Fe. It is said to arrive to the Land Down Under before the end of 2020.

The front and end design of the new Hyundai Santa Fe have been significantly modified and is inspired by the Hyundai Vision T concept. This new large SUV has LED daytime lights in the shape of a T and new aggressive grille design. The new grille pattern gives two different appearances based on the direction of the light (pretty cool). We are also expecting an improvement to the Hyundai Santa Fe’s look and car features and anticipate an additional premium feel of comfort.



What to Ride don’t as yet have the details for the new large SUV models pricing, but we do presume it to be a bit more expensive than the current Hyundai Santa Fe model that starts from $43,550 up to $61,050 for the top of the range.

This latest car news demonstrate that this 7 seater SUV is the best family car with luxury features will be sharp and sophisticated. We are excited to see the new Hyundai Santa Fe model flaunt its rugged new look SUV!