One of the podium car brands in the Australian car market is the trusty Hyundai and they haven’t let us down with the production of some of the best new carsNew car buyers will almost always consider a Hyundai when planning to buy a new car. Hyundai cars are reliable, comfortable and appealing. Hyundai’s popular sedan car, the Hyundai i30, will be introducing its seventh generation which will include a sport car variant named the Hyundai N-LineHyundai released this car online.



The latest car news, the new Hyundai i30 sedan N-Line will have an athletic look with the N-Line trim, a low and wide style mesh grill, twin exhausts, motorsport intake, N-Line badging and 18-inch alloy wheels with large brakes to guarantee the sporty appeal.



Latest car news, the rear of the Hyundai i30 sedan N-Line will have single twin exhausts and a rear diffuser. Hyundai Motor Company mentioned that this rendered design of the new Hyundai i30 Sedan N-Line will be seen in our showrooms.



Hyundai entered the sport car segment with their N-Line brand which is becoming hugely popular with drivers and performance enthusiasts around the world. It can be so confusing when buying a new car, however What To Ride thinks with this sport sedan you will have style and practicality and the added bonus that Hyundai offers their customers the best car deals.