If you are in the market to buy a brand new car the new Mazda3 will make the decision an easy one. Mazda have consistently been a popular choice among Australia with the Mazda3 being ranked 7th out of 10 in terms of bestselling cars in 2019. Suffice it to say many new car buyers will consider looking at Mazda for their practicality, functionality and easiness on the eyes!



Latest car news Mazda released officially the powerful Mazda3 with a 2.5 L 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which produces 187kW of power. This new hot hatch car is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission and yes it is AWD. This engine is used in some Mazda cars in Australia already. What To Ride has no details yet as to what specs will be included in this new car, but if protection is a priority for you the Mazda3 is one of the safest cars available winning The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ‘TOP SAFETY PICK’ award in 2019.



If you are asking yourself ‘what car should I buy?’ you’ve got to know if you prioritise having the most economical car or the more powerful car. However, if you are a first car buyer it would be better to go for the standard Mazda3, but if you fancy a powerful hatch with higher torque to power ratio, this new hot hatch model will not disappoint you! This Mazda3 Turbo was released and What To Ride were informed that the Mazda3 turbocharged maintain its style and current car body type with no cosmetic enhancements.