American supercar the Ford GT already owns the athletic look with features such as a racing stripe across the centre of this supercar from the front to back that match its mirror caps, but it is now also getting an upgrade. The latest car news that car buyers can now not only choose from three colours (dark red, blue, or white) but get the opportunity to add arrowhead graphics that accentuate the supercars sportiness and add a little bit of the new car buyer’s personality to boot.



The new Ford GT is not just a supercar by name but a supercar by nature producing 493kW of power after some engine tweaking and tuning. The new Ford GT will have a larger intercooler where the twin turbos operate at maximum boost. This supercar was also put to the test in a wind tunnel with an upgrade to the buttresses and have increased the airflow over the new car by up to 50 percent. Furthermore, a titanium sports exhaust made by Akrapovic has been added which has caused the supercar to shed 4kg of weight.



This iconic new supercar was enhanced on all levels. Weightcar aerodynamicscar designengine and of course suspension has been improved in Track mode to give the driver better handling and control at a high speed.



If you fancy the simple yet sophisticated look, you can order your Ford GT in pure Carbon-Fibre and can choose from the Gulf Racing heritage paint patterns. What To Ride is not yet sure how many Ford GTs will be produced before Ford ends this iconic American supercars production by the end of 2022.



The Ford GT may not be the greatest choice in terms of daily use but it’s definitely a big player in the supercar game. It is one of the best new cars available if you are a lover of car power and performance. Doesn’t hurt that it is one sleek and sexy bad boy too!