Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) released the latest car news for the new car sales for February 2020.

A total of 79,940 new cars were sold during February; 39,304 were SUVs, which represents 49.2% of the Australian car market, 15,523 were Utes which is 19.4% and 22,648 were Passenger cars making 28.3%.

The new car sales continued to trend downwards in the Australian car market, where the new car market has now seen a negative growth each month for almost 2 years. 

It is a difficult time for the automotive industry which was demonstrated by the latest sad news of Holden ceasing its operations in Australian.



There are many attributes leading to the difficult market conditions which is affecting new car buyers confidence over the last 2 years.  Elements such as political and financial uncertainty, the environmental factors which hit Australia like the recent bushfires, floods and drought; and more recently, the growing concerns regarding a global pandemic due to the coronavirus all contribute to the current circumstances which doesn't encourage new car buyers to buy brand new car or even buying a first car.



Toyota Hilux again claimed the best selling car in Australia in February with 3,421 sales, followed by its smaller mate Toyota RAV4  with 3,375 units. Third highest sales was Ford Ranger with 3,202 units sold in February, fourth position was another Toyota brand; the Toyota Corolla with 2,520 sales. 2,152 units of  the Hyundai i30 were sold in February to finish the month in the fifth place.



The trend continues where Toyota is leading the automotive market with 17,679 units sold in February to secure 22.1% market share. Mazda second in-line were it sold less than Toyota by more than ten thousand units with 7,230 sales to achieve 9.0% market share. Hyundai ended third in February, it sold 5,945 vehicles; Mitsubishi was the fourth and so close to Mazda with 5,513 unit sales.

Five cars for Toyota  were in the top 10 selling cars in February. Kia is also still climbing the ladder where it has secured the 5th position in February.

What To Ride are looking forward to the end of this month; which is the end of the Japanese Financial year, to see if customers planning to buy brand new car will be keen to select a car from the Japanese brands where they can secure best car deals.