Nissan is increasing the pressure to add a more powerful Australian Ute to its repertoire all in order to take on the Ford Ranger Raptor. It wants to upgrade to a V8 engine Nissan Navara Ute with higher torque and power.


The current Nissan Navara is unfortunately not in the same league as the powerful Utes of today. This could pose a problem especially knowing that new car buyers in Australia worship the Ute body type and are in love with the power it gives off.



A common question we come across at What To Ride is ‘what car should I buy!?’ Well, if they are after a Ute then the Nissan Navara would be a great choice in many aspects; but it is not the most powerful ute available. The current Nissan Navara is powered by 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel four cylinder which produces 140kW of power which is no match for the Ford Raptor producing up to 157kW and the powerful VW Amarok  generating 190kW with its V6 3.0L diesel engine.



In order to have a case to introduce the Nissan GT-R engine or 5.6-litre V8 Petrol from Nissan PatrolNissan Australia needs to make the Nissan Navara a more popular and desired choice in the Land Down Under. Although Nissan presented the Navara N-Trek Warrior with its tougher look and tuned suspension; it still fell behind in sales where Toyota HiluxFord Ranger and Mitsubishi Triton excelled in the Australian Ute market.



Brand new car sales are dropping in this day and age and car buyers are questioning if they should even buy a new car. Car brands have to work twice as hard and think outside the box by providing outstanding products and the best car deals for their customers if they want to stay in the game!