Latest car news has it that the iconic Japanese car brand Mitsubishi is challenging the norm by adding more value via introduction of The Mitsubishi Warranty program which includes a 10-year/200,000km warranty.



The condition to be eligible for the 10-year warranty, which some new car buyers may dub as unfair, is the Mitsubishi car owner will need to complete the first 5-year Capped Price Services at an authorised Mitsubishi Service Centre to receive the additional 5-year/100,000km warranty.



Originally, Kia Motors was the market leader in car warranty by providing a 7-year warranty to Kia car owners. However, now Mitsi is raising the bar again to demonstrate the high level of customer experience they are aiming for. Not only is Mitsubishi going to provide the 10-year warranty but are also offering 10-year Capped Price Servicing through their New Care program expressive of the confidence of Mitsubishi Motors in its new cars.



The Mitsubishi Warranty and CPS Program will start from 1st of October 2020. This program will definitely please a lot of Mitsubishi new car buyers as the Diamond Advantage program will provide more peace of mind.



The service intervals for Mitsubishi cars is every 15,000km or at the 12-month interval. Mitsubishi dealers will not charge customers more than the Capped Price for regular servicing (all pricing of Capped Price Servicing are presented on Mitsubishi Motors website).

This new Mitsubishi Warranty Program will offer assurance that will give customers more confidence in buying Mitsubishi cars. The Diamond Advantage is definitely the longest in the new car market in Australia. The Warranty program will increase the Mitsubishi customer confidence and will play a huge role as a competitive head start.


Having a 10-year warranty attached to your new car will also increase its residual value when you want to sell your car.

What To Ride wonders who of the other new car brands will follow Mitsubishi Motors with this great initiative to enhance customer service and provide a pleasurable experience.