The COVID-19 pandemic has understandably had a major impact on new car sales in Australia. In April 2020, new car sales dropped by 48.5% of total new car sales of 38,926 units. However, during this month Toyota was the market leader, followed by Mazda and Kia.

This condition will likely continue for a few more months as most Australians have lost part of their income. Moreover, 72% of Australian businesses have had a drop in cash flow which prevents them from buying a new car.

Despite the current climate, Car companies have focused on keeping car dealerships open to provide new car buyers with sales experience and to be able to perform maintenance services for their cars; and at the start of May, car dealerships began to see some lift in consumer confidence as the COVID-19 restrictions started to ease and customers are able to buy car online.

Hopefully, the instant asset write off package will be extended to motivate business buying new cars.

Find below May’s new car deals by car brand:


NissanDrive Away offer with 1% Comparison Rate Finance on Nissan Navara or 5% Comparison Rate Finance and 3 Year Free Servicing (Nissan will pay your first 6 month repayments)


MitsubishiDrive Away offer with 7 Year Warranty and up to $1,500 off the Drive Away price.


HondaDrive Away offer including 7 Year Warranty and 7 Year Roadside Assist with Free Genuine Antimicrobial Shield


Toyota3.9% Comparison Rate Finance on Corolla and $1,000 Bonus on Toyota Hilux for Primary Producers


Hyundai: Started the EOFY offer of Drive Away with up to $1,500 Bonus or 2.9% Comparison Rate Finance for 3 years.


KiaDrive Away offer with 2% Comparison Rate Finance


Mazda: Drive Away offer


Mercedes-Benz: Increased Warranty to 5 years with savings range between $3,500 to $20,000 for extra features included.

What To Ride is confident the new car sales will pick up again and new car buyers can take our quiz to find the best car that suits them and buy their new car online.