Kia provided latest car news regarding its luxury Peoplemover the new Kia CarnivalKia confirmed that the new Carnival will have 10.2-inch infotainment touch screen and another 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. In addition to an improved car safety pack to enhance safety and driver awareness. Kia will offer the new blind spot camera system, autonomous acceleration, braking and steering.



Last month Kia revealed the fourth generation Kia Carnival. This New PeopleMover is ideal for progressive young families who seek innovation and style and be their best family car.

The new Kia Carnival model is based on the previous Peoplemover model but with a new ground-breaking car design. The fourth generation Kia Carnival has futuristic details and is inspired by the innovative Kia SUV design. The new Kia Carnival will set a new benchmark for the PeopleMover segment.



The new Kia Carnival has a longer wheelbase than the previous peoplemover model, which provides bigger space for the cabin. The Kia Carnival maintained its dynamic and athletic car style. Inspired by the new Kia Sorento, Kia Carnival features a stunning C-Pillar signature design which highlights the original design Kia is chasing lately.



With its futuristic look, Kia called the new Carnival look the Tiger Face’. The front lamps and the grille come together in perfect harmony adding to its appeal. The grille and headlamps represent the new high tech details the Kia Carnival will feature. Under the bumpers, Kia Carnival has metallic trim and a black lower bumper, giving the Kia Carnival it’s robust, SUV inspired appearance. The rear has sleek combination lamps which mirror the front of this PeopleMover and the lights extend downwards to surround the license plate.



What To Ride is still waiting for further details about the powertrain options, but the 2.2 L four-cylinder turbo diesel engine and V6 petrol engines might be returning.

What To Ride thinks that the new Kia Carnival will most likely be in Australian showrooms by November this year.