Big! Burly! Beastly! Just trying to set the tone of introduction for the all-new Nissan Patrol 2020! With a new facelift, this 6th generation large SUV is sure to thrill on those muddy offroad adventuresThe Nissan Patrol comes in two models- the Nissan Patrol Ti and the Nissan Patrol Ti-L.

Nissan Patrol Power, Engine & Fuel Efficiency:

The first thing to note about this large SUV: if you’re looking for the most economical car, look elsewhere! The Nissan Patrol can consume anywhere from 17-20 liters of petrol per 100km depending on traffic, conditions, or terrain. Moreover, the Nissan Patrol is not available in diesel which may also put off some drivers. However, in terms of explosive power, this large SUV is superior owning a 5.6-liter V8 engine delivering 298kW of power. The smooth-shifting seven-speed automatic delivers its power to All Four Wheels and supports its hefty 2750kg bulk with style and makes this large SUV to have one of the best 4WD
Is Nissan Patrol A thrilling drive?:

Short answer- YES. If you love strong and forceful engines that can drive on rougher terrain with high off-road capabilities, the Nissan Patrol is the car for you. Steep hills, bottomless pits, and rocky craters are no match for this conqueror. Whether you’re exploring mountains and hills or bush or snow, the Nissan Patrol is a capable machine that can overcome numerous obstacles (modes available: Rock, Snow, Sand, On-Road)! It has a decent ground clearance of 273mm and a wading clearance of 700mm so prepare for a mud bath!
Nissan Patrol Safety and Specs:

The Nissan Patrol is a family SUV and has included car safety features such as:

–  Six Airbags

–  Autonomous Emergency Break 

–  Active Cruise Control

–  Rear Cross-Traffic Alert 

–  Reverse Camera

–  Forward Crash Warning

–  Blind Spot Monitor

–  Lane Departure Warning

–  Electronic Stability Control 

–  Front and Rear Parking Sensors
Both models of this large family SUV come with a proximity key, no more jangling to be heard for this bad boy! As for entertainment, the Nissan Patrol Ti comes with an 8.0-inch multimedia screen including satellite navigation, CD/DVD player, and AM/FM radio- the only downside is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not part of the package. LED headlights, taillights, and fog lights are all automatic along with windscreen wipers. Chuck in a 6-speaker BOSE sound system and the whole family is ready to party. If you opt for the costlier Nissan Patrol Ti-L, you get a 13-speaker sound system, electric sunroof, and two 8.0-inch entertainment screens for the kids on the back of the drivers and front passenger seat for those longer journeys where sanity is required.

Nissan Patrol Interior Designs:

One of the greater features of this large SUV is the spacious cabin found inside. It doesn’t matter if you’re taller or shorter, you have plenty of head and legroom. In the second row, you could seat up to three adults quite comfortably. The third row of this family SUV is also uncommonly roomy, making it easy to get in and out of. As far as luggage capacity goes, the Nissan Patrol supplies its family with loads of space even with all seats in use (467.7L). Take the third row down and you are left with 1,413.4L. For that extra amount of space, you could take out the second row as well and will be left with a whopping 2,623.2L of space. However, the seats don’t lie completely flat so storage options may be restricted. There are plenty of USB ports to make sure phones and tablets are continually available for entertainment. Lastly, the seats are dressed in padded leather and are soft, comfortable, and stylish.
Nissan Patrol Exterior Style:

The Nissan Patrol looks like adventure on wheels with its massive body, newly designed 18-inch wheels, grille, and awesome boomerang-shaped headlights. The Nissan Patrol Ti has been bestowed a sportier look whilst the Nissan Patrol Ti-L has claimed a finer appearance. It has also been drowned in LED headlights and taillights! According to Nissan, there are 52 LEDs in the front and 44 in the back, giving this large SUV an angelic appearance in the dark. 

The Nissan patrol is most certainly the new car for you if you crave adventure and luxury. Its mammoth build is bound to demand attention on the roads of Aus! What To Ride team got the latest car news about both Nissan Patrol models are available to own in Australia with the Nissan Patrol Ti starting from $75,990plus on-road costs and the Nissan Patrol Ti-L from $91,990plus on-road costs.

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