Nothing speaks sporty elegance like the Prancing Horse of Ferrari and the all new Ferrari Roma does not disappoint. Inspired by the carefree La Dolce Vita era in the alluring capital of Rome during the 50sand 60s, this charismatic new supercar is sure to be the Dream Car for many.

ferrari roma
Engine and Power:

At the heart of the new Ferrari Roma is a 3.9 liter, turbocharged V8 engine that distributes 456kW of power using a smooth and quick-shifting eight-speed, dual-clutch gearbox. This glamorous supercar beast is said to race from 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds, 0-200km/h in 9.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of around 320km/h.
Interior Vibes:

The inside of the Ferrari Roma is nothing short of lush, with a double cockpit that incorporates a 16.0-inch virtual instrument bundle that curves to ensure visibility in all conditions. The front passenger is given a small touchscreen and on top of the center console lies an 8.4-inch touchscreen for infotainment and climate control.
The Roma is not intended to be a family-friendly car, which is why it has been referred to as a “2+ coupe” instead of a “2+2 coupe”. Adults will find themselves awkwardly cramped in the rear where only small children can sit comfortably. However, my 1.48m glory wouldn’t be phased, and would be happy to just be in the presence of this purring beast! 
The boot of this new supercar has a luggage capacity of 272 liters (345 liters if you fold the back seats), which is perfectly adequate for a couple of designer suitcases to take you away for the weekend!

Ferrari Roma Exterior Style:

The Ferrari look is never one to disenchant and the Ferrari Roma is no exception. Just one look at this supercar will fill a person with a desperate desire to own the sleek and elegant vehicle. The front of the Ferrari Roma is long and wide with the look of a single block of metal sculpted into a ‘shark nose effect’. It flows flawlessly into the new Ferrari wings which opt for a minimalist grace- smooth and suave, without unnecessary swoops and lines. Twin taillights resembling gems are embedded in the rear of the new car, adding more to the lavish tone of the Ferrari Roma.

Why Ferrari Roma is Different:
Like all Ferraristhe Ferrari Roma was built as a performance car. However, unlike its’ siblings, it also has comfort in mind and has been dubbed “a Formula 1 car in an evening dress”; this new supercar can own a racetrack but also take the driver cruising to their fancy destination. Furthermore, the Ferrari Roma comes with five modes (instead of three) – Wet, Race, Sport, Comfort, and ESC Off, making this new supercar more flexible in different conditions.

The latest car news, the Ferrari Roma is more progressive in terms of safety with features such as predictive braking and a surround-view camera.
As mentioned before, the Ferrari Roma is sport, eleganceand luxurycombined. It is a new supercar that boasts a carefree and pleasurable lifestyle and demands attention when on the road. Latest car news from What To Ride is that this new car will be priced at $398,888 AUDplus on-road costs. If you’ve got the cash and planning to buy a new car, check out the new Ferrari Roma and you will definitely fall in love!

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