In this day and age, the desire for limited edition cars is getting more prevalent. A few decades ago, there were less than a handful of supercar players in the game; Ferrari and Lamborghini being the most well known. It didn’t take long for other brands like the McLaren, Pagani, and the expansion of Bugatti to race onto the scene in the early 90s. Even more recently, players in the hypercar and supercar game have expanded with cars such as Koenigsegg and Tuatara.

The Tuatara is no doubt a revolutionary concept car with futuristic functions inspired by fighter jet power and aerodynamics. It is a unique hypercar that has been put under the microscope for more than ten years all in order to come up with a super vehicle that not only pushes all boundaries but still maintains its legality and extraordinary performance car. In addition to its functionality, it has a simple yet sexy design. The latest car news that the Tuatara style was created with a precise aerodynamic structure to glide through the air effortlessly. There are no cars of its class that can match the precision of aerodynamics and downforce created by this new hypercar at top speeds.
When we say hypercar the first thing that comes to mind is the engine! The Tuatara high performance is generated by a V8 engine coupled with a robotized manual transmission. The Tuatara confirmed that this new hypercar will provide exceptional car power and a worthy driving experience that has never been felt before.
To behold a great hypercar you need a full recipe of power, car aerodynamicsdownforce, and handling. If a hypercar or supercar misses one of these key ingredients, it will either be considered a normal vehicle or will be dangerous to drive; especially at high speeds. The Tuatara possesses all of these components. It features different driving modes that grant the driver freedom to opt between hyper-performance on the tracks with handling power to tackle corners aggressively or cruising the streets on a leisurely drive.
Every time a new hypercar is developed we ask ourselves, what is next? Then it appears that another new hypercar model and development has entered the scene with some new level of car performance and technology that not only surprises us but gives us something new to desire! The Tuatara is definitely one of those cars that are added to the list of ‘dream cars’ and the What To Ride team would give their left arm a chance to drive behind that wheel!

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