Two terms that rarely go hand in hand when describing a new car is performance and 7 seater SUV. However, the Skoda Kodiaq RS 2020 has merged the two and created a medium SUV that can drop the kids off at school in the morning, with all their music and sporting gear and spend the afternoon cruising on rocky terrain.

Skoda Kodiaq RS Power and Fuel Efficiency:
Under the hood, the Skoda Kodiaq RS retains a powerful diesel 2.0 liter, four-cylinder bi-turbo engine that delivers 176kW of power. Said power is sent to all four wheels with a seven-speed automatic which makes this medium SUV a good All Wheel Drive performer.
In terms of fuel-efficient cars, this medium SUV the Skoda Kodiaq RS can count itself in with one of the most economic SUVs at 6.2 liters per 100km.
Is Skoda Kodiaq RS A Thrilling Drive?:
If you’re planning to buy a new car and are interested purely in lavish looks or loud and growling exhausts, you won’t find the best of that in this sporty medium SUV. The Skoda Kodiaq RS is a humble SUV and is better suited to those thirsty for power but also have use for it as a family car to cater as a daily use car. There are six driving modes to accommodate many. For the rev heads, the Dynamic Sound Boost function incorporated in ‘sports’ mode will get the exhaust up and running. However, if the family is in this medium SUV and a more sensible atmosphere is called for, switching to the ‘comfort’ mode will give a calmer feel. The other driving modes available are Snow, Individual, Normal, and Eco. In terms of speed, the Skoda Kodiaq RS isn’t considered ‘faster than the speed of light’ going from 0-100km in 7.0 seconds. However, what it lacks in speed it perfectly makes up for in its body movement. Lithe and nimble, even a road with countless bends and sharp corners will have the queasiest of people blissfully relaxed.
Skoda Kodiaq RS Safety Specs And Features:
If safety is something you look for when buying a new car, and if you have a big family it probably is, rest assured the Skoda Kodiaq RS boasts a 5-star ANCAP safety rating with features such as lane assist, a rearview camera, nine airbags, and driver fatigue monitor to name a few. 
The latest car news from What To Ride, the Skoda Kodiaq RS delivers with awesome extras such as a three-zone air conditioning system; giving passengers the opportunity to set their own desired temperatures. As is common with a big family, you may find your hands are full and need to open the boot to relive yourself- have no fear, you need only put your foot under the rear bumper and boom! The boot opens itself!
Additionally, it’s the little added details that make this medium SUV unique – an umbrella in the door, sunglasses storage unit and a place to hang a child’s tablet to keep them amused on longer journeys are just some bonuses that come with this family car. Furthermore, a 9.2-inch multimedia screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is sure to please, along with wireless charging, a decent Canton stereo, and heated front seats for colder days.
Interior Design and Outside Aesthetic:
Outside appearance-wise, the Skoda Kodiaq RS is a humble yet handsome medium SUV. It doesn’t possess any overly aggressive features; as that is not the energy it wants to radiate. It has a modest and sophisticated grille, 20-inch ‘XTREME’ alloys, sleek LED headlights, and red brake calipers. The front and rear bumper have a subtle charisma and perfectly meet the sporty yet family-friendly guise. The inside of the cabin is most certainly spacious, as is needed with a 7 seater SUV. Each passenger can fit comfortably without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. The cargo offers 270 liters of luggage space (630L with third-row seats down and a whopping 2005L with third and second-row seats down) which gives plenty of room for sporting or camping equipment for a whole family. The supportive seats have been touched with Alcantra and leather, with red trimming adding more personality to this Family car.
The Skoda Kodiaq RS 2020 may not be the new car for everyone, but in terms of the safest vehicles for family life and clever little details, it certainly has its own appeal. The latest car news this medium SUV is available to own in Australia from $71,990 Drive Away and most certainly won’t let it’s family down.

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