In a workshop near Modena Italy, a factory dwells under the noses of Ferrari and Lamborghini. This is the Pagani Automobili factory and is always blooming and buzzing with activity. This supercar is so special and with a price so high that only a handful of the richest people in the world will ever drive it!

Pagani Automobili is a sports car and carbon fiber manufacturer in Italy. The Argentinian legend Horacio Pagani founded the company in 1992Horacio has a childlike enthusiasm for his art that is impossible to ignore and his obsession with cars started from a very young age. From his humble roots in Argentina, he went from being a baker’s son to a smart young engineer seeking his fortune in Italy. Horacio was born on the 10th of November in 1955 and is the founder and CEO of Pagani Automobili; the Italian exotic car creator.

In 1983 Horacio relocated to Italy to chase his dream of building a supercar. Joining Lamborghini, he later built the Lamborghini Countach Evoluzione, a concept Lambo with heavy carbon fiber throughout. Seven years later in 1991Horacio followed his childhood dream and went out on his own to create the Zonda.

This car can be considered one of the world’s greatest supercars. Although it doesn’t have as long a history of sports cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari, its speed and stylish car design have made it a truly exotic car.

The Pagani cars react effortlessly to changing driver inputs and vehicle conditions and ensure maximum downforce. A special command unit receives and processes information about speed, lateral acceleration, steering angle, and throttle position, and reacts so as to sustain appropriate performance in all conditions and correct aerodynamic roll and braking balance. To give you a taste of the forceful nature of these beasts.

The Hyuara Roadster BC boasts a V12 twin-turbocharged engine made by Mercedes AMG exclusively for Pagani cars. It produces 590kW of power sent to the rear wheels via an Xtrac seven-speed transversal AMT with electro-mechanical differential.

The Pagani cars; Zonda and Huayra, have a characterful mix of traditional and cutting edge design. It is taken to the next level by the charismatic detailing and opulent interior now distinctive of Pagani

It is no wonder that only the incredibly wealthy will have a chance to drive the Pagani cars. What To Ride thinks that these supercars are relentless troopers that are always moving forward and never backward.

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