For years now, The Land Rover Defender has been based on the old Land Rover Defender platform, which was an icon for going above and beyond and providing drivers with all terrain ability coupled with durability. The old Land Rover Defender was seen as the Safari 4×4, which required a survival vehicle that would be able to overcome the struggle of the African jungleor the Sahara challenge

land rover defender

The latest car news is the new Land Rover Defender short-wheelbase will be delayed to arrive at the Australian showrooms! 
Land Rover has defined this new highly capable off-roader by taking the most desirable characteristics of the previous Land Rover Defender model and upgraded them for the new eraThe new Land Rover Defender is still a highly capable 4×4 vehicle that can take you anywhere!
Toughness is the core of this off-road SUV with its distinguishing profile and sizes. Its bold interior embraces modern architecture combined with the spirit of adventure that has identified Land Rover DNA for more than 70 years.
The new Land Rover Defender design has respected its’ heritage but is built for the new age. This model is highly desirable with its’ active, up to date options and great off-road capabilities with uncompromised commitment. The Land Rover Defender provides outstanding capability with its externally mounted rear wheel.

This new off-road SUV model provides various options and variants to choose from depending on your main purpose of buying the new Land Rover Defender. Without compromising the integrity of the overall vehicle design, a diverse range of characteristics for different variants have been designed to give new car buyers or those who are planning to buy a new car more choices in demonstrating the ability of their vehicle and adding a sprinkle of their personality to
This new high off-road capable SUV has a distinctive front that represents its resilience and is emphasized by the dynamic structure of its headlamps, which feature the latest technology. The squared wheel curves and strong shoulders have been added to the new Land- Rover Defender’s feel of strength and toughness. The rear still imbues the characteristics of the previous Land Rover Defender with advanced lamps and harmonizes perfectly with the front end design.

Every aspect of the new off-roader exterior design has been creatively developed to reinforce Land Rover Defender’s DNA, illustrating its durability, strength, and sophistication.
Knowing that the new Land Rover Defender will be used in the wilderness; which would be exposed to extreme conditionsthat might impact its paint, the new Defender is available with a factory-fitted Satin Protective Film which delivers improved design and durability. It gives the standard metallic paint a modern satin finish.

The interior of the new Land Rover Defender provides a contemporary, highly functionalenvironment. What To Ride thinks you can feel the sturdinessand preparation for extreme off roading just from the interior ambiance. The grab handles are integrated with structural magnesium alloy beam to support entry and a secure grip when this off road SUV is performing serious off road driving.
You will also have a central touchscreenand the cabin comes with an abundance of storageopportunities; including a choice of high and low centre consoles. 

This new off road SUV has a short-wheelbase, Land Rover Defender 90, which can accommodate six occupants all thanks to the innovative front row centre seat that fits three people in the front row. When the front middle seat is not used it can fold down to offer an armrest and a pair of additional cup holders. The same front row is available in the long-wheelbase Defender 110, in addition to the third row. The New Land Rover Defender has 2 engines; 2.0 L 4-cylinder dieselor 3.0 L 6-cylinderwith towing capacity up to 3,500 kg. It is considered a heavy large SUV which weighs from 2,383 kgto 2,527 kg
Land Rover strived to keep the spirit of adventurein the new Defender. They also coupled it with a comfortableand fine-looking interior for functionality. This new high capable SUV is most certainly qualified in overcoming any adversity!
The latest car news is that the Land Rover Defender 110 is available in Australia  from August 2020 with a starting price of $69,990plus on-road costs. In Australiathe new Land Rover Defender will have the Terrain Response and adjustable air suspension across the range. The top of the range variant price is $137,100plus on-road costs.

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