The new BMW M5 and BMW M5 Competition has been released. The BMW M5 Competition will arrive to Australia in October with a starting price of $244,900 plus On Road Costs. The latest car news, the German high-performance sedans are flaunting their new car look and it’s stylish and sleek indeed. The BMW M5 has been fine tuned and has adopted new shock absorbers from the BMW M8 Gran Coupé. The new BMW M5 offers enhanced drive ability and handling paired with outstanding comfort levels. If you are after a business sedan as a daily car use combined with a supreme high performance sports car dynamic, the BMW M5 and BMW M5 Competition will be new car for you.

BMW M5 Design:
The new BMW M5 and BMW M5 Competition have a more attractive appearance than their predecessor. A redesigned kidney grille makes an appearance along with a big center air intake in the shape of a hexagon. This new sedan sports car also has a more vertical appearance and drops down further into the front. The BMW M5 design features an intricate dynamic chic, with a bolder front apron and bigger side intakes. The materials used for the sports car version of the BMW series 5 are specifically used to reduce its weight. For example, the bonnet is made from aluminum and the signature M gills at the front panels and the roof are crafted from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic
BMW M5 LED headlights and rear lights are sharper with an L-shaped dynamic flourish giving a trendy feel. The BMW M5 has individual lights Shadow line which gives a tinted look to the Adaptive LED Headlights and BMW Laser light. The rear is also redesigned with a large restyled diffuser and an additional spoiler on the boot lid giving it a muscular feel.
BMW M5 Interior:
The BMW M5’s interior is more driver-centric with a new operating system and a larger 12.3-inch central screen. This new sedan sports car has added two new buttons located on the center console; an idea taken from the BMW M8. The driver of the sports car will have more control of driving settings allowing an easier switch between different driving modes. ROAD mode will activate all driver assistance systems; SPORT settings will deactivate system intervention so will not provide automatic braking or auto-steering assist. This mode will transmit alerts but ultimately the final decision is up to the driver. In addition, TRACK mode in the BMW M5 Competition is used to enjoy the drive on the race track, this mode deactivates the car comfort and car safety functions of the driver assistance systems.
Although the BMW M5 is a sports sedan, you can still feel and enjoy BMW luxury. The seats are electric and heated with the M logo embedded in the seats. These high-performance sedans come with Merino leather trim as standard, and you can enjoy the Harman Kardon sound system.
BMW M5 Engine:
The latest car news, the new BMW M5  and BMW M5 Competition are powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine with M Twin Power Turbo technology coupled with eight-speed M Steptronic transmission, which is hardwired to give BMW M5 drivers a dynamically immersive experience at the wheel. 
The BMW M5 produces 441kW while the BMW M5 Competition output is 460kW. The features of the almighty V8 can be changed by the driver by switching between EFFICIENT mode, SPORT, and SPORT+ based on their needs and mood. The transmission helps convert the engine’s power immediately into performance. The BMW M5 gallops from 0 – 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/h.
Thanks to the BMW M xDrive system, the BMW M5 is indeed a sports car in a sedan body type that maintains a perfect balance between functionality, driving pleasure, and extraordinary car performance on the track. Furthermore, Dynamic Stability Control allows the driver to experience an unsullied driving pleasure.   
The BMW M5 and BMW M5 Competition are sure to delight its fans. Especially considering its upgrades and touch-ups all to ensure the driver enjoys freedom on the track and practicality on the roads!

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