After a 7-year hiatus, Mitsubishi Motors will re-enter the Van market with the new Mitsubishi Express van.

Latest car news Mitsubishi Motors are expanding their product range with the return of a light commercial mid-size van to their product line up. The van will utilize the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance and will be based on the Trafic van sourced from Renault, with specifications revised to meet Mitsubishi Motors Australia requirements.

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi are in alliance to build and lead the worldwide market in automotive production. These three car companies share common platforms and designs; but are rebadged to suit different targeted customers.

This car brand Alliance will obviously be visible in the new release of the Mitsubishi Express Van which is on sale since July 2020. This van is fundamentally a Renault Trafic Van but with the 3 Diamond badge. The changes between the Renault van and the new Mitsubishi van will be very minor cosmetic adjustments. However, there will be some different models between Mitsubishi and Renault to keep up the demand on both brands and Mitsubishi Express will not have all the options available in the Renault Trafic van.

The Mitsubishi Express van has 1.6L Diesel twin-turbo engine producing 103 kW of power with a six speed Manual Transmission for the short wheelbase and long wheelbase. There are also another variant offered with 2.0L single-turbo Diesel engine which will produce 125 kW of power, mated to a six-speed Automatic Transmission available for both short wheelbase and long wheelbase.

The Mitsubishi Express van is made for practicality; with left and right hand side sliding doors and a rear twin barn door glazed with 90 degrees and 180 degrees stop. The Mitsubishi Express Van can hold up to 1,200 kg. Both manual variants have up to 2000 kg towing capacity.

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The cargo volume varies by around 0.8 cubic meters between the short wheelbase (5.2 cubic meters) and the long wheelbase (6 cubic meters).

The driver and the two passengers of this Mitsubishi Express Van have enough space for comfort with an armrest for the driver. Express van has power windows, Bluetooth and three cup holders. In addition, there will be a USB connection and 2 x 12 V sockets.

Don’t expect much in the way of car features for the new Mitsubishi Express van, as it will lack some of the standard car features in other Mitsubishi models like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, it will still have electric mirrors with heaters, Hill Start Assist and a blind spot detector in the mirror. Also, you will have rain sensors with automatic wipers, auto headlamps and a rear view camera with display in the rear view mirror.

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The Mitsubishi Express Van will be available in four colours: White, Grey, Red and Black. 

Mitsubishi Express Van manufacturer’s list price excluding on-road costs for the 4 variants:

Mitsubishi Express SWB Manual $38,490

Mitsubishi Express LWB Manual $40,490

Mitsubishi Express SWB Auto $42,490

Mitsubishi Express LWB Auto $44,490

While comparing it to its competitors like Renault TraficFord TransitHyundai iLoadMercedes-Benz Sprinter and Toyota Hiace the Mitsubishi Express van will definitely be playing in the same yard and will acquire its marketshare!

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