It comes as no shock that there has been an increase in the amount of SUVs seen on the roads. They are taking over Sedan cars and Hatchbacks and are becoming a favourite among car body types. Car manufacturers are now providing different SUV sizes and models to cater to different customers who are planning to buy a new car. Hence why there are small SUV, medium SUV and large SUVs seen everywhere.

Car buyer requirements are getting more specific nowadays and car companies are constantly attempting to build new cars that suit their needs on all levels. Some new car buyers are loving the high riding qualities of SUVs, but they still want a small car tailored to suit the narrow inner city streets and with a genuine emphasis on environmental performance. At the same time, new car buyers want a new car that's unique and stylish, and includes features for a dynamic lifestyle.

Toyota is following the needs of its customers and have built a small SUV the all new Toyota Yaris Cross!



From the latest car news, this new small SUV the Toyota Yaris Cross has been designed for urban streets with SUV characteristics. This small SUV is based on Toyota's hybrid technology for small cars matched with SUV engineering.

The Toyota Hybrid system used in the Toyota Yaris Cross delivers exceptional performance and great fuel efficiency. Toyota Yaris Cross also provides a capacious interior within compact exterior dimensions. Yaris Cross is a new Toyota family member added to the line-up which will give Toyota an SUV range that spans across all SUV sizes.



The Toyota Yaris Cross will have a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine, engineered to reduce friction and mechanical losses and optimise combustion speed. This engine will provide high torque at low engine speeds and will make this small SUV one of the most fuel efficient cars and low CO2 emissions.

The latest car news shows that Toyota Yaris Cross follows its younger sibling hatchback model by using the strong vehicle platform to ensure a high level of body strength and a well-balanced chassis. The Toyota Yaris Cross is classified as a real SUV because of its intelligent AWD system which is an exceptional feature in its class for a hybrid model. The AWD system provides stability and traction in any driving conditions and surfaces.



Toyota has achieved success in building a genuine SUV on a smaller scale, but providing its customers with a higher driving experience, practicality and interior roominess. The Toyota Yaris Cross gives its drivers what they desire in a car; with compact dimensions that make it well-suited to urban driving and accommodated to their active lifestyle.

The design of Toyota Yaris Cross was inspired by the city car drivers’ needs. Toyota interviewed real customers to understand their lifestyle, what they liked, what their daily activities were and how they spent their leisure time.

Toyota wanted the new Yaris Cross to immediately be perceived as an SUV, so this new small SUV model has a higher ground clearance, a strong horizontal axis, big squared, wheel arches and impressive wheels up to 18-inches.



What To Ride thinks we can still see Toyota DNA in the face of the all-new Yaris Cross, which is similar to the Toyota SUV line-up. However, the Yaris Cross has an identity of its own.