The year 2020 has brought alot of car news especially the latest car news about the new Compact SUV Toyota C-HR and Toyota C-HR Koba and it has managed to uphold Toyota’s iconic standing with their Compact SUV range. The first Toyota C-HR was launched a few years ago and provided the Compact SUV segment with one of the best cars that combines magnificence with power and was one of the most efficient cars. Furthermore, the Toyota C-HR was made to keep cabin noise to a minimum with strategically placed seals, noise insulation and absorption pads, this new Compact SUV promises a smooth ride with as little noise and vibrations as possible, which would be the best new car as a first car or to be used as a city car!



Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR possess a 1.2 litre petrol turbo engine available in Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive. It produces 85 kW and consumes 6.4L/100 km (Front Wheel Drive) or 6.5L/100 km (All Wheel Drive). Available with 17-inch alloy wheels, sporty fabric seats, and a 7-speed CVT auto transmission, the Toyota C-HR is bound to please who is planning to buy a new car.



Toyota C-HR Koba

The more fuel efficient Compact SUV counterpart for the Toyota C-HR is its’ brother- the humble yet sleek Koba. This new small hybrid SUV produces 90 kW and consumes 4.3/100 km and also possess a sweet 7-speed CVT auto transmission. What sets the hybrid SUV Toyota C-HR Koba apart from the Toyota C-HR is, if possible, a suppler ride and additional reactivity when dividing power between electric and fuel - don’t forget about a more ecofriendly option too as this is a hybrid Compact SUV! This hybrid SUV the Toyota C-HR Koba comes with the option of tinted glass on the back and rear windows, 360 view camera, and leather accented seats too!



Both of these new Compact SUVs possess:

5-star ANCAP safety rating

8-inch colour touchscreen

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

- All-Speed Active Cruise Control

- Pedestrian detection

- Lane Departure Alert

- Auto High Beam

- 7 SRS Airbags

- Front and Rear Parking Sensors

- Parking support

- Blind Spot Monitor

- Rear Cross Traffic Alert/ Reverse Camera

- Rain Sensing Wipers



This lustrous new car was said to be inspired by the diamond, throwing off completely opposing vibes of smooth and elegant yet bold and sharp, but doing so with style! What To Ride team thinks the exterior of this new Compact SUV boasts dramatic and expressive LED head and tail lights. The front shows off a body coloured lower lip whilst the rear flaunts a daring and slick spoiler. The flanks are sculpted with black trim along the lines of the roof to give the illusion of an airborne top. This brand new efficient Compact SUV is bound to dazzle and amaze on the roads, and provides the driver with a smoothserene drive to ensure an enjoyable driving experience.