The latest car news, the new-generation 2021 Nissan X-Trail has been exposed, as a Nissan Rogue SUV for the American car market. The new Nissan X-Trail will be available in US showrooms by October 2020 but What To Ride don’t as yet have a clear idea when it will be available in the Australian car market.



Nissan X-Trail Engine:

Nissan will use its current 2.5-litre petrol engine but upgrading some of its components like the mirror bore coating; an integrated exhaust manifold and e-VTC intake valve which produces 135kW of power. This is 9kW more than the third generation Nissan X-Trail. This petrol engine for this medium SUV will be paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). 

What To Ride doesn’t have enough information regarding other engine options that will be released in Australia but might include a diesel engine option and a Hybrid SUV option so it can compete against the Toyota RAV4 and the Outlander PHEV.



Nissan X-Trail Exterior:

The new Nissan X-Trail embraces a bigger and extra rugged design which reminds us of the aggressive and daring guise of the Mitsubishi Engelberg. Although the design gives us the impression that the new Nissan medium SUV X-Trail is bigger; it is actually shorter than the current X-Trail model giving it the boxy SUV look. Moreover, it has not received a facelift, but has been built on new platform. The rear doors in the new Nissan X-Trail model will open at around 90 degrees which will make it more convenient to access the back seat or a child seat.



Nissan X-Trail Interior and Car Features:

This new medium SUV the Nissan X-Trail concentrates on car safety and will include the following:

-  Automatic Emergency Braking

-  Pedestrian Detection

-  Blind Spot Warning

-  Rear Cross Traffic Alert

-  Lane Departure Warning

-  High Beam Assist

-  Rear Automatic Braking



People in the second row in the medium SUV can also rest assured their backs are taken care of with the Zero Gravity low-fatigue spinal support! In addition to a lot of car safety upgrades, the new AWD system will have an electro-hydraulic clutch to better observe and asses each driving situation and respond quicker if the front wheels should slip. The latest car news, the fourth generation Nissan X-Trail will also have a new electric power steering system.



The FWD Nissan X-Trail variants will have Standard, Eco and Sport driving modes whereas the AWD Nissan X-Trail models will have additional off road and Snow driving modes.

As for infotainment, this new medium SUV the Nissan X-Trail will feature a 7.0-inch main dash display and an innovative 10.8-inch head-up display projecting onto the windscreen. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard. 

The ‘RogueNissan X-Trail looks like its name precedes it with some unique new car features and upgrades! We hope that the Australian Nissan model will hit our showrooms soon.