It is the honoured Range Rover’s 50th birthday making it half a century old and it is still one of the most iconic luxury SUVs around. The Range Rover conquered the world with its high off road capability and luxurious SUV all-terrain symbol. Range Rover has been climbing the ladder of success for 5 decades now and the car company is celebrating its golden age with a limited edition Range Rover SUV named the Range Rover FIFTY.



The latest car news, only 1,970 units have been produced of this luxury SUV which is cleverly the year that the first Range Rover SUV graced us with its royal presence.



Range Rover Fifty is based on the fourth generation Range Rover Autobiography. You can get this iconic luxury SUV Range Rover in either standard or long wheelbase and with petrol engine, diesel engine or plug-in hybrid SUV powertrains. One difference between Range Rover Fifty and the regular Range Rover is you will get special 22-inch wheels and FIFTY badges on the in and outside of this luxury SUV.



As aforementioned, the original Range Rover was launched in 1970 which had a characterful design appeal and influence which no doubt amused those who had seen it.

The 1970 Range Rover is, as per today’s standards, an unattractive SUV but was destined to become a very glamorous and sought after car. More interestingly is the Range Rover being the first vehicle to be displayed in the Louvre in Paris, in 1971!



Range Rovers history is also rich in Marathon and Dakar Rally wins. The 2nd generation Range Rover was released in 1994 which was produced for 2 years in parallel with the 1st generation. The 3rd generation was born in 2001 and then the current model started in 2012. All Range Rover models have maintained their original luxury SUV DNA but came with a lot of enhancements and luxury additions.



With more than one million units sold, the fourth generation Range Rover is the most developed and enhanced large SUV model yet and What To Ride expect that the 1,970 units of the Range Rover Fifty will be highly desirable!