Tesla released its new Ute via Tesla News which is considered to be a new class of strength, with a daring design that has never been seen before boasting a thick stainless steel shell. The interior of the Tesla CyberTruck includes a futuristic 17-inch centre display. This brand new Ute can be used as a family car too as it can fit up to 6 people. It has a digital rear-view camera and a race car style steering wheel. The new Tesla CyberTruck is all about versatility and speed reaching 100Km/h in just three seconds so basically this new truck is not only the most efficient Ute but also the most powerful Ute.



The latest car news states that the powerful drivetrain and low centre of gravity provides an outstanding traction control and torque. If you want to go for a long trip you won’t have to worry about range because this Ute will have more than 800Km range in one full charge. What To Ride was informed that there will be 3 models of Tesla CyberTruck.

The first Tesla CyberTruck model will have a single motor Rear Wheel Drive with less torque, speed, acceleration and range. The second Tesla CyberTruck model will have Dual Motors All Wheel Drive and Tri Motor All Wheel Drive. As Elon Musk explained, all versions of the Tesla CyberTruck will have adaptive air suspension, so this Ute has low ride at freeway speeds to better slide through the air and give you the feel of driving the best small SUV, and high ground clearance when going on an adventure drive which requires a high off road capabilities. The tailgate has a slide-out tray that can be used as a ramp to load an ATV or motor bikes.


The rear suspension drops automatically as the tailgate opens to make it easier to load equipment into the tray. The new Tesla family will be the best new car and worth the wait for who is in the market to buying a car especially of this body type. Tesla news announced that there have been over 200,000 orders placed. If you are planning to buy a car you can order the Tesla CyberTruck from the Tesla website in Australia with only a $150 deposit.


The worldwide production for the Tesla CyberTruck will commence sometime in 2021 with a starting price of $58,900AUD. It is of no surprise to see that Tesla as usual has been the first to allow its customers to buy cars online through their car selling webiste. Alot of new car buyers will argue that this new Ute will be the best Ute in Australia.