The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries have instructed that 11 million vehicles in Australia where checked on the Takata compulsory recall website (www.ismyairbagsafe.com.au).  It has been seen that 1.82 million cars have a defective Takata Airbag. The Takata airbags have an incredibly high risk to seriously injure or even prove fatal for the car occupants.


This website is a helpful tool to help Australians in identifying if their cars are part of this crucial Airbag recall. Affected car owners should make immediate arrangements for their faulty airbag to be replaced by the dealerships throughout Australia who are open and able to complete the replacement of the TAKATA inflator.



An alternative option for car owners to check if their cars are part of the recall is to text 0487 247 224 with the word TAKATA.

State governments are moving towards refusal of registration renewal for the affected cars and can be taken off the road by authorities. Airbag Recall rectification work can be done promptly and free of charge.