The latest car news as of Wednesday the 15th of April, a price and comparison website by the name of “One Big Switch” created an online petition that has seen more than 5,500 Australian motorists jumping to put down their signature. The petition in question is for authorities to refund at least part of their car registration and insurance costs due to the fact that many Aussies aren’t even leaving their house let alone driving on our roads.

If you are an essential worker, still venturing out to your place of employment, you may have noticed that traffic is no where near as condensed as it was. You can thank the Coronavirus lockdown for that. Many Australians believe that paying the full price for their rego in a time where they aren’t able to use their vehicle is unfair and needs to be rectified. Furthermore, Joel Gibson of One Big Switch told a 7News reporter that “people are telling us they need every single dollar they can get at the moment”, which strikes true for many Australians suffering due to loss of hours or even their job in this crisis and are still being expected to keep up with rent, mortgage, and general living costs to boot. 



So far, the campaign has seen responses from NSW (35%), QLD (27%), VIC (20%), SA (8%) and WA (7%). The creator of the petition has stated that the response from the public is unlike anything its seen in recent years and expects the number of signatures to reach at least 10,000 in the next few days. However, despite this petition for car owners being nationwide, the company does not advise how much of a discount each state government should deliver and further believe it would only be fair to supply those staying at home with the rebate, as they are helping to flatten the curve or have lost their main sources of income.

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