Following the request from Volkswagen Dealers to reduce physical contact, Volkswagen Australia have designed an online ordering system which will assist new car buyers in building and personalising their new car in the comfort of their own homes. In short, buying a car online has never been easier. If you are planning to buy a new car you can now buy a car online.


You simply have to build your new car catering to your taste, put down a $500 deposit, sit back and wait for Volkswagen to contact you. Following that, Volkswagen will usher you through the new car buying process and subsequent delivery. Additionally, if you’re thinking to trade in your old car, you need only ask and Volkswagen will evaluate it and take it from there! Coronavirus has nothing on the speed in which Volkswagen aims to please their customers. Or simply you can take our easy and simple quiz and contact your closest dealer through What To Ride Platform.