Holden History 1856-2017 Everything You Need To Know

Holden History 1856-2017 Everything You Need To Know

Holden is an Australian company which is known in the Land Down Under for its legendary models from Commodore, Torana, and Monaro which were the Australian Muscle cars and know around the Aussie Petrol heads.

The Holden Company was founded in 1856 as a manufacturer of horse saddles. Then Holden started building car bodies for the imported GM cars and sticking a Holden Badge on the body and this was the start of the automotive building industry for Holden.

In 1931 General Motors bought Holden and merged it with GM Australia which conceived General Motors Holden LTD. Holden wanted to build a car that combines the British city car and the beefy American Sedan cars.

A team was sent to Detroit to work with a team from GM to design this new Holden car which will best suit the Australian lifestyle and terrains, the team came back with the Holden 48-215 and in 1948 it was the first car manufactured in Australia.

The Holden UTE

holden ute

The Aussie farmers loved the new Australian car but they wanted something that will fit their farming lifestyle without ruining the back seat, then Holden designers took the same model the 48-215 and removed the back seat and the truck and replaced it with a tray and it was the born of the Aussie Ute.

In 1968 Holden designed the Monaro which was adopted from the American GM which provided sporty driving accessible to every Australian at an affordable price. On October 6th, 1968 The Holden Monaro and Ford Falcon entered face to face in a race competition of 500km race, the Holden Monaro draw history with 3 Holde ns on the podium stand.

In 1970 Holden wanted to follow the trend to provide the youth with a party car and they tagged it with the coolest name the SANDMAN where you can party, camp, and sleep in this van/wagon.

Holden decided to make a smaller car to suit the streets of the growing cities so they created the Holden Torana which was a compact economical car. Then this model because a hit when Holden built a few of them with bigger engines to race in the Bathurst track. Holden redesigned the Holden Torana and issued the Torana A9X with better rear suspension and more powerful breaks with a V8 5L engine producing 146kW of power which won the Bathurst race in 1979 by 6 laps with the legend driver Peter Brock.

In 1986 Holden refreshed their mid-size car the Commodore available in V6 and V8 then in January 1986 Holden had to use the engine from the Nissan Skyline to power its car so they can overcome the new rule that all cars in Australia have to be able to run on 91 Octane fuel.
In 1987 Holden teamed up with the British Tom Wilken Shaw Racing to develop a new car for class A and this new partnership operated under the name of HSV or Holden Special Vehicles. Their first project was the Commodore SS Group A SV with an outrageous body kit and powered by the new Holden V8 5Litre engine which was able to win the Bathurst 1000 in 1990.

In 1998 Holden created the Holden Coupe which was loved by most people to then take it into production in 2001 with the name of Holden Monaro which was available as a V6 Supercharged or with the GM engine 5.7Litre V8. Then Holden updated this model in 2004 with the Corvette engine the LS1 which was also exported to the USA.

Holden kept increasing the nudge to produce the Holden Commodore GTS which produces 577 Hp which was the most powerful car ever produced by the Australian Automaker. But then Holden wanted to make a better car that represents the Aussie customers, so they produced the Holden Ute HSV Maloo GTS which was the coolest car ever produced by Holden.

Holden in 2017 ceased their production of the amazing Australian cars and 2 years after General Motors pulled out from Australia and stopped its full operation in the Land Down Under which marks the end of a rich legendary Aussie Automotive history.

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