Buy A New or A Demo Car 1 Good Idea

Buy A New or A Demo Car 1 Good Idea

Buying a new car will provide peace of mind! It’s highly unlikely for a new car to break down, making them a less stressful option than a used demo car.

When buying a new car, you have a larger reign over special car features. If there are specific car features on your wish list, this might help you decide which car to choose. New cars which have just arrived by boat from the car factory are not used and have not been driven by anyone yet. But what about car demonstrator or demo cars? Demonstrator cars known as dealer car stock are registered and kept at the car dealership to be used for showrooms and test drives. These cars are also used by the staff to get around or even as service loaner cars. These cars will have low km with good conditions.

Demo Car Story Behind The Scenes!

Car dealerships have monthly, quarterly and annual car sales targetsset by car manufacturers for them to achieve. Some car dealerships receive incentivesfrom car manufacturers to record on their systema few new cars as demonstrator cars to cover the gap between genuine car sales and targetsthey have to achieve. Some of these demo cars will be registered and parkedwith ZERO km. In theory these cars are still new cars because no one has used them yet and may not even be presented in the car dealership showroom.

Demo Car

If you are interested in saving a few thousand dollars check out the demo cars. There is no exact benchmark for how much money you save, however keep in mind that car dealers are extra motivated to move demonstrator cars (especially in today’s market where car sales are down). The price would be between a new car and a used car price.

What To Ride advises car buyers that most car manufacturers will also provide car warranty reset on most demo cars. That means car buyers won’t lose any day of the original warranty term. Your car warranty will start on the day of buying a car.

Besides, some car manufacturers provide the same car deals on new cars and demo cars. IT IS A WIN-WIN!!

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