When is the best time to buy a new car?

Once you select a new car, you have to decide on the best time to buy a car. (Use the what car should I buy quiz).

The new car offers to fluctuate from one month to another. If new car buyers have the patience to wait for the best time to buy a new car, they may be able to secure the best offers and even negotiate the best new car price. Yes, you can negotiate the price of your new car, so you might even save thousands of dollars.

Check New Car Deals Late In The Month

Towards the end of the month is the best time to buy a new carCar dealerships have monthly new car sales targets. They tend to offer the best car deals and extra discounts at the end of every month on the 28th, 29th, and 30th day. The reason for late month discounts is to bridge the new car sales they achieved during the month versus their goals to secure the extra incentives received from the car manufacturers. Shopping around during these days might allow new car buyers to negotiate the price of the new car and secure their monthly offer.

Shop During Different Months For Different Car Brands

The Australian financial year ends in June, so car manufacturers tend to provide one of the best new car offers for their customers. June would be a great month to get good new car campaign offers.
However, on top of the monthly car dealers and car manufacturers’ targets, they have their annual new car sales goals to achieve. The last month of the annual target varies from brand to brand based on the manufacturers’ origin.
Japanese made cars like MazdaToyotaMitsubishi, and Suzuki’s financial year ends in March. On the other hand, American car brands, European and Korean brands like FordGM HoldenBMWMercedesHyundai and Kia’s financial year ends in December. These months would also be a good time to negotiate a better price for your new car because most car dealers will go over and above to secure extra new car sales to add to their target achievement.

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