Bentley To Be All-Electric By 2030

Bentley To Be All-Electric By 2030

Bentley is following the trend of moving from fossil fuel to renewable energy. The company has announced the plan to produce a fully electric vehicle by the beginning of the next decade to be a carbon-neutral luxury car brand as part of their Beyond100 strategy.

Bentley Gradually Moving To Full Electrification

Bentley will be moving gradually to producing full battery-electric cars in addition to the current Hybrid models. It will be producing a Plug-In Hybrid by 2026 before moving to full electrification. The brand has been always the luxury car brand to lead in the development of luxury among the Grand Touring cars.


The company aiming to go beyond its 100-year-old luxury car legacy to be the new benchmark for sustainability and be the role model for luxury car brands.

bentley electric

Bentley is part of the giant Volkswagen Group. The company has planned the advancement of these luxury cars to be achieved with the access to leverage the Battery Electric Vehicle technology. This technology is being used in the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-Tron.

Although the brand doesn’t have the Hybrid variant among its products in Australia, however, its Bentayga will be available as a Plug-In Electric Vehicle PHEV.

The sad news is that the company will kill Bentley’s unique engine the 6.0Litre Twin-turbo W12.

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