After a rich history of 106 yearsthe iconic Aston Martin has finally released its first sport luxury SUV that will set a new standard for years to come- the Aston Martin DBXAston Martin has not abandoned their endeavor to deliver outstanding performance, elegance and functionality, but have instead thrust themselves to greater heights with this versatile and luxurious SUVThe Aston Martin DBX has indeed set a daring new standard for the luxury SUV segment and competitors should in no way underestimate Aston Martin, despite being new to this sector!

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When met with this new medium SUV, the first word that comes to mind is versatility. The Aston Martin DBX’s ability to cater to all lifestyles of the new car buyers is what sets it apart from the rest. Owners who enjoy the outdoors or an active lifestyle will be drawn to the 632 liters of boot space with this new car body type and split-folding rear seats; and will no doubt be able to envision their own set of ski equipment or golf clubs sitting comfortably in this expansive space.
Not only is this luxury sport SUV roomy in the rear but also upholds Aston Martin’s solid reputation for spaciousness in all parts of the DBX, allowing room for both front and rear occupants. The use of sports car seats in the front provides the driver with excellent support and comfort when driving long distances, and gives the people in the back full leg clearance. Furthermore, featuring a panoramic roof of full-length glass and frameless door glass, occupants are certain to be spellbound by the light and open feel of the cabin.
On top of high standard car safety systems and the agility to tackle different terrains, there are several optional accessory packages offered to accommodate different lifestyles or pastimes. For example, a pet owner would definitely enjoy the ‘pet package’ that includes a portable washer to remove all the sand of a dog who has thoroughly enjoyed their day at the beach! Or for the owners who prefer to adventure out in the cold- the ‘snow package’ will adhere to the new car buyer lifestyle with boot warmers added to ensure toasty warmth after a day on the slopes!
On the inside, this car possesses top technology with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and a 360-degree camera system as a standard. In the center console tastefully sits an impressive 10.25-inch LCD screen supplying the driver with a variety of information. This new medium luxury SUV has a sophisticated joined middle console that has been added to entice occupants to store their belongings instead of chucking them on the front passengers’ floor mat. Furthermore, thanks to Aston Martin’s brilliant acoustic engineering, cabin noise is kept to a minimum even going at high speeds.
The exterior of the luxury SUV has been thoughtfully hand-built to excellence with a distinctive grille at the front providing the Aston Martin DBX with an evocative face. The sculpted sides give the impression of bold wings and the rear preserves a sleek tailgateAston Martin has flawlessly combined elegant sports car with luxurious SUV to deliver an elite and classy vehicle. 
With a 4-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine, the Aston Martin DBX delivers 405 kW of power and can thrust itself from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 291 km/h. Due to the active exhaust system, this new luxury SUV has the gift of sounding sophisticated one moment and completely thrilling the next. Like all their sports cars, Aston Martin has incorporated bonded aluminum to ensure not only power and strength but is also especially lightweight at 2,245 kg too. Furthermore, the steering system has been fine-tuned to provide exceptional responsibility and control for the driver in any environment.
The latest car news the Aston Martin DBX is now available in Australia starting from $357,000. What To Ride thinks this new luxury SUV will most certainly achieve ‘dream car’ status!

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