3 Main Car Body Types

3 Main Car Body Types

Your New Car Body Type! Selecting the body type for your new car might be tricky if you don’t have a car body style preference. Here’s some information from What To Ride and some items to bear in mind while selecting or choosing your new car body type

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Sedan Car:

When we had the Ford FalconHolden Commodore, Mitsubishi 380, and other interesting car modelssedan cars were the most popular body type in Australia. However recently SUVs have taken over. Sedans nowadays are the choice for car buyers who don’t care about driving higher up than other cars and looking for comfortable seating for up to 5 passengers with the capacity to carry a medium amount of luggage.

Some car buyers might be looking for the comfort of a Sedan car but with a little extra cargo capacity. If so, Wagon cars are a good combination of sedan cars with the advantage of larger cargo capacity.


If you work or live in town, a hatchback would be an ideal choice for you. Generally, the hatchback is designed for comfortable seating of up to 4 passengers with lesser cargo space for putting one or two small bags. The hatchback cars have 3 or 5 doors depending on what the car buyer desires. This car body type would be convenient for city driving as they are perfect in heavy traffic, easy to park the car and fuel-efficient cars!

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle):

These vehicles are designed for use in all road conditions, ranging from highways to cross country roads making this car body type the best for taking out on adventure drives. Moreover, due to the versatility of this car body type, it is now the market leader as aforementioned.

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There are two different types of SUVsOff-Roader and Soft Roader. Some SUVs are designed with flexible seating options ranging between 5 seats and 7 seats. Some SUVs are built on a chassis frame and can carry large amounts of luggage. There are several sizes of SUVs that can match your needs and be the best family car.

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